Hey, I'm Tilby!

I am deeply passionate about working with occupational therapists and allied health therapists to connect with their deeper purpose and share their unique gifts.

I support highly experienced therapists as well as early career therapists, business owners + solo OTs!


My intention is to guide and support therapists to become the OT they dream to be and work in fulfulling and sustainable ways, so you feel supported and nourished by your soul work in the world.


Mentoring is perfect for therapists who are:

  • Struggling with burn out and feeling overwhelmed in their workplace and therapist role

  • Feeling confused about their journey as an OT, and questioning if they even want to be an OT/therapist anymore

  • Struggling with imposter syndrome and want to feel more confident with the skills they have

  • Wanting to work in a way that connects all of their passions for health, wellbeing, nature, outdoors, lifestyle, healing modalities, mindset tools and energetics and weave these into their work

  • Struggling with knowing what they want, what their strengths are or what they're good at and they're
    finding it hard to picture what they *actually* want to be doing

  • Finding themselves repeatedly working in similar toxic work environments, even though¬†they've tried different employers and workplaces, the same circumstances keep¬†appearing

  • Starting to embrace their sensitive and empathic nature and are looking for resources and support to use their empathic skills and sensitivity in a way that works for them, instead of draining their energy.

  • Stuck in survival mode and feeling isolated in their workplace team and overloaded by workplace demands

  • Struggling with holding boundaries and they are exhausted from compassion fatigue¬†

  • Feeling¬†they have outgrown their current workplace and they are wanting help to get crystal clear clarity and direction with building their own therapy practice¬†¬†

  • Interested in finding their passion, connecting with their deeper purpose & uncovering their unique gifts to weave this through their work with client

  • Looking to position themselves as a therapist providing specific services and offerings in your niche or interest area to work with clients in the way that aligns with your bigger mission and your soul's desires

If one or more of these describes you, and you are ready
to receive support, I invite you to join the waitlist.

I Want To Join The Waitlist For Mentoring

Who you choose as your mentor is an important relationship on your journey as a therapist.

If you're feeling the call to work together, I invite you to join the waitlist - this is the only way to book your session/package when the waitlist opens.

Once you join the waitlist, you'll receive further information about sessions, packages and pricing options to work together. Y
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This process honours both of us, and it's important that this feels like the right fit with where you are, as 
I work with a limited number of therapists at a time.



Mentoring is a potent pathway to deepening your self-connection, growth & learning


I offer support across several areas including

This opportunity is right for you if:

✦ You’re at a crossroads and unsure where you want to go next in your career as an OT or you're questioning why the approaches and tools you have already are not creating change within your clients

✦ You LOVE learning and when you find new information, and you want to learn about new areas and soak it in


✦ You feel burnt out and depleted, you feel your only option is to leave the OT profession and start fresh, but deep down you’re questioning if this is *actually* what you want to do

✦ You work for yourself and you are seeking someone to bounce ideas off, be a sounding board and cheer you on, while walking beside you as you work through any challenges


✦ You desire to weave other modalities and skills you've learnt into your OT practice, but you don't know how to, or how to explain this with your clinical reasoning 


‚ú¶ You're an early-career or new graduate OT and you are constantly questioning if you are doing enough or if you know enough to help your clients

‚ú¶ You want support on your journey to transform your knowledge into wisdom, though practice, experience, self-reflection, and guidance with a mentor

What do sessions look like?

Every mentoring / supervision session will be different and unique to you and what's coming up for you and the patterns you're noticing in your personal & professional experiences in life.

Working with me is a deep process that combines body-based enquiry, experiential learning and self-reflection. 

I am always open to sharing my experiences freely, to offer insights through my embodied and lived experiences.

My intention in our sessions is for you to feel supported and listened to, for you to be guided to find your answers to your questions within, and for you to discover more about yourself... 

And... when you have that deep connection with your inner wisdom, you start to realise just how much you already know from your experiences and through having a stronger connection to yourself.



Hear from therapists who have worked with me
for mentoring and supervision sessions 

Tune into your what your heart is guiding you towards and if you desire to expand yourself within this mentoring space. 




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Are you ready to:

  • Receive support + guidance on your OT journey

  • Become the OT you have always dreamt of being

  • Transform your OT business into your big vision

  • Expand both personally + professionally

Then I invite you to join the waitlist for mentoring!

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Meet Your Mentor,
Tilby Blanch

I'm a holistic, body-focussed Occupational Therapist, with a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. I am also a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with a Graduate Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

I have over 7 years of experience working in private practice with children and parents & I am pioneering a new paradigm of support for children & their families.

During the first year of my OT career, I began searching for root-cause strategies to help the children I was working with because the traditional therapy was, in my opinion, limited in addressing the deeper reasons underlying my client's challenges.

I have experience working with children & parents in clinic settings, schools and clients' homes. After building my own private practice combining Occupational Therapy & bodywork therapy, I now work online providing telehealth OT to children & families with an emphasis on primitive reflex integration and nervous system development.

My genius zone is helping OTs to blend worlds & modalities to work intuitively and at such a deeper level than traditional OT approaches, while still being client-centred.

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